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The Casio QV-4000 RAW Image Mode

Yes, the camera has a hidden mode to create real RAW images without preprocessing by the camera.

The QV-4000 hast two modes:

At the moment BAYER CAPTURE gives the better usable images. In 4:3 Mode with best resolution (2240x1680) the RAW Image has 2260x1700 Pixel, 16bit/pixel, 1 Channel 'grayscale', Mac-Order, RGB Bayer pattern, 7,504 MB large. Saving lasts long, depending on the CF-Card speed. Images are saved in the DCIM/ directory with names like: KX81???.RAW

To load the Image you can use PhotoShop RAW-Read mode with above given parameters. Now you can see a nice 'grayscale' Image with Bayer dither patterns. A nice explanation for this can be find here.

But this is not the image we want to see. We need a Bayer to RGB Filter. On the Bayer explanation page there is a link to a small PhotoShop Plugin to do the Job (filter.zip).

Here is a little list what to do:

...there it is :) The first Casio Raw Image

An other way is the usage of dcraw a small portable and free C-Program to convert many RAW formats to ppm. Casio RAW is not yet supported, but Maurice Delaney modified the source to read QV-4000 (and QV-3000/QV-5700) RAW files! dcraw default call gives the best results. I use IrfanView to view and convert pbm to something else.
Latest information on the CASIO RAW topic are posted to: dpreview's Casio Forum - See You there!
Example Files:

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